How to Write Articles & Blog Posts Fast

Are you a blogger or content writer? You need to write articles and blog posts each day. How to speed up your writing and produce more content?

Does one want to write down an excellent blog post or email in half the time without losing quality - and maybe even making it better within the procedure?


Here's how:

1) Create an overview of your content: Your outline is your plan, plus it's getting to make your entire task easier.

Having a clear content outline and idea keeps you from wandering off topic. just in case you've an easy outline to follow, it's just a matter of filling out each section of the outline. But with no plan, you'll waste tons of your time writing about things that within the end don't even pertain to your main topic.

You can also research for your article faster with a clear objective.

2) Create a timeline for your content writing: Once you've got got your outline, set it aside for an hour or each day and let it bake in your brain.

3) Write every day: When you keep writing everyday, the task becomes easier. You need to maintain a habit of writing a bit like anything. The more you write, the higher and faster you will get .

4) Create deadlines that work in your favor: Without deadline, there's absolutely no urgency. You also tend to procrastinate when you don't have a defined timeline for completing the task.

When you've a deadline, you've the target and desire to get the work done. The closer the deadline, the more faster you can work. "Write right now!"

No blog readers yet? Have a lover hold you accountable. do you have to not make your deadline, you owe them dinner.

But if I acknowledged that morning that i used to be not working, then half the enjoyment of getting day off was gone. There was no anticipation. No looking forward thereto time off . Frankly, I felt ripped off if I didn't know i used to be not working until that very same morning.

It's possible for you to use this data to self-motivate yourself. believe how great it's getting to feel to hit publish or send. believe closing the file and doing whatever you're keen on as a gift . believe the accolades you'll receive for finishing the project, or the cash you'll earn, or whatever it's that motivates you to stay working until you're done.

6) Follow the news and blogs: Some folks, me included, tend to urge distracted by the web . we expect we are getting to 'sneak off' for five minutes to see Reddit, and an hour later we still haven't gotten back to figure .

7) Practice typing and create more content: Slow typing speed is one of the reasons for writing less. If you can type fast, you can churn more articles in shorter time.  It is difficult when your thoughts are coming faster than your fingers can tap them out.

If you cannot type fast, take help of online transcription. Many programs help you to convert speech to text. This can speed up your article writing.

Writing by itself isn't hard. it's all of the luggage we attach thereto that creates it difficult. But if you are able to imagine writing as simply assembling the pieces to a puzzle, you'll roll in the hay far better and faster.